24 Jump Street: Back to Spring Break….with Apps

Spring is in the air, and the snow is finally melting….just kidding, I live in SF where the weather is essentially the same everyday. With springtime, comes Spring Break….duh! A time when millennials flock to the beaches in the south to “recharge”, but really just endlessly party, making themselves more exhausted than when arriving.  

Spring breakers nowadays can facilitate the entire trip from their mobile devices, and actually make the process more efficient. Because of this, my assignment was to infiltrate the young party goers in Cabo San Lucas to find out which apps helped execute their week-long trip. This was no easy task while looking like a narc being 10 years older than everyone. To try to blend in, I had to first throw back a “few” drinks and buy a Juul to pass around. Within my first few hours of hitting the beach, I was taken under the wing of a cool kids group after using my go-to intro icebreaker of “Supppp?”  After spending a few exhausting days with the new crew, chucking it up with them and listening to house beats, I was able to obtain information about the apps they used before, during, and after spring break to make the best memories ever…..or until Coachella a few weeks later. Here are the essential apps for experiencing Spring Break the right way:

Planning the Trip

  • Airbnb – For booking your “home base” with your friends.  Keep the house nice, trashing it is for rookies. iOS and Android.
  • Hopper – Hopper predicts the future of airfare prices. Watch your next flight in the app and get a notification as soon as the price drops to its lowest point. iOS and Android.

The Day of Traveling

  • WhatsApp – Get the entire group centralized on a Whatsapp group.  Also great for reliving the memories after. iOS and Android.
  • United – Check in through the airline app, United has a great one. Tout that you got the upgrade in the group. iOS and Android.
  • Lyft – Got to get to the airport cheaply! iOS and Android.
  • Kindle – You need to exercise your brain one last time on the flight before partying. iOS and Android.

On Spring Break

  • Heads Up! – Start the pre-game off right with a few drinking games. iOS and Android.
  • Splitwise – This is a great app to keep track of all group expenses and will settle your bill at the end trip for a single Venmo transaction. iOS and Android.
  • No dating apps– Not going to be corny and suggest one.  You are on spring break, go meet the singles in person at the beach bar.
  • Venmo – For when you pay your homies for the tab you racked up on their overdrawn credit card. iOS and Android.
  • Sonos – Everyone wants control of the music in the Airbnb, which is why the Sonos app is perfect for the amateur DJs of the group. iOS and Android.
  • Spotify – No explanation needed, create a group playlist before the trip. iOS and Android.

Coming home

  • Postmates – “Sunday Scaries” come hard after a trip like this, but you can mitigate it with a good greasy meal delivered to your door. Pro-tip – if you time it right, you can have a pizza arrive at the same you get home from the airport. iOS and Android.
  • Netflix – Download a sad movie to emphasize your depressed mood about leaving paradise with no responsibilities. iOS and Android.
  • Headspace – Clear your mind before getting out of bed on the dreadful Monday morning after. iOS and Android.


I am sure you can get by just fine without these recommendations, but now you have a resource for the next time you want to execute spring break from your personal device.