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6 Ways to Improve Your Mobile Ad Strategy


Whether your business provides products, apps, or online services, you face the need to generate compelling, well-targeted ads. Now that consumers are staying attached to their phones 24 hours a day, mobile advertising has become a baseline business requirement. If you’re still figuring out how to optimize your advertising strategy in order to fit the mobile environment, we’ve got several tips to get you started:

1. Identify and Track Your KPIs

Identifying and tracking your KPIs for each campaign is absolutely crucial to managing a successfully mobile ad campaign. YouAppi is able to adapt its OneRun Platform to your given KPIs. For each advertiser/agency, we begin by defining the client’s customer acquisition Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). For one client, the KPI might be the time spent on a site or app or the number of articles read, while for another, the KPI might be the number of items placed in a shopping cart or purchased within a given period of time. Once the KPIs have been defined, YouAppi’s team develops a customer acquisition program utilizing our OneRun™ platform and adapting our matching algorithms to the campaign goals, along with our creative units – SmartStore™, SmartApp™, and DirectRun™ – to acquire the customers we predict will generate the highest lifetime value (LTV).

2. Make Your Ad Interactive

A key characteristic of mobile users is that they want to minimize navigation steps. “There is a rule in mobile that every additional click required loses half your audience,” according to the online website Mashable. If you create a mobile campaign that allows direct engagement from inside the ad itself (email signups, special offer claiming, etc.) then you won’t be losing half your target audience and your click-through rate will double.

3. Integrate Geotargeting

The whole point of mobile devices is that they are able to move around. Advertising on mobile platforms allow business owners to funnel ads to users who are physically situated to be most interested in the offer. Precise “geo-fencing” technologies are evolving, in which local-interest apps (travel, weather, real estate, and so on) offer terrific value to users in a specific geographical location.

4. Use Good Mobile Analytics

The trick to figuring out your demographic target is to constantly analyze how well your current ads are performing. Digital media are infinitely changeable, so if you have the right analytics in place, you will benefit from sophisticated algorithms that give you a dense feedback stream. Analytics give you insight on where your advertising spend is going, as well as producing the charts and evidence you need to prove the ROI.

5. Promote Your Product to an Audience of One

The YouAppi platform is designed to trace each user’s “digital DNA,” so you can feel confident that your ad is being seen by the likeliest potential customers. When you know your viewers, and address each one as an individual, your response rate increases sharply and drives down your per-customer marketing expenses.

6. Don’t Let Your App Get Lost in the Clutter

The same forces that make mobile advertising essential also make the advertising space a crowded zone. The only way to stand out against the background noise is for your ad — and your app — to be directed to the precise population who are looking for your product. Mobile advertising will soon overtake every other advertising channel, as users leave behind their computers in favor of mobile phones and tablets. Defining your mobile ad strategy today will put you in the best position to take advantage of the ever-moving marketplace of tomorrow. YouAppi is ready to partner with you and guarantee a higher customer lifetime value. Take the first step and sign up for YouAppi today.