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35 Ways To Help Monetize Your Mobile Website or Blog

hand holding moneyAs a website owner, you want your site to make you money. There are several ways to monetize your website today, but depending on the purpose of your website, certain ways work better than others.

We’ve compiled a list of 35 different services that you can use to monetize your website. They are broken up into section, so take a look and hopefully you find something that works perfect for your business model.

Contextual Advertising

Contextual advertising is a type of targeted advertising where advertisements appear on websites, no matter what device you’re browsing from. These selected ads are based on their relevance to a user’s current page content.

Infolinks is an online advertising company that delivers intent-based ads in more non-traditional web places. They offer four ad units that you can customize to your needs: inframe, insearch, intag and intext.

Kontera is all about understanding and activating content around the world. They are a content advertising solution that offers in-content, display and mobile ads. Their ads work within your content and are user-initiated, meaning users only see the ads when they mouse over links.

Adsense is a program by Google that allows users to display advertisements on their websites and mobile sites that are suited to the interests of their audiences. Google works with millions of advertisers, which gives you the opportunity to control many different types of ads and that result in you earning more revenue.

Chitika only shows users ads when and where they want to see those ads. Through their technology and data, they predict when to show an ad to your audience that actually matters to them. does contextual advertising through contextual targeting, and they give their clients three contextual targeting options: keyword, category and a keyword/category combination. These options allow you to choose how detailed or broad you want to be with targeting your audience.

Display Ads

Display advertisements are eye-catching ads that usually contain photos, logos or some other type of image and noticeable typing.

BuySellAds supports six mediums and also supports various ad types, which fall into a custom or traditional group, that provide you with the right tools to monetize your website. is another service that helps you monetize your website through their top advertisers, the right kinds of ads and their always up to date technology, including their decisioning engine AdLearn. They claim to be the smart choice for any publisher because of their relationships with top sites and advertisers, as well as the fact that they monetize almost 2 billion impressions daily.

Clicksor lets you earn more money from your website by integrating an assortment of clickable text or advertising banners targeted to your audience onto your website. They offer five ad formats: inline text links, interstitial ads, pop unders, text banners and graphical banners.

Cxense allows for conventional display ads and targeted display ads, permitting you to use one or both. It works great with desktop and mobile devices and lets you merge with additional ad servers through third party tags.

GTxcel works to enhance your website with their compelling and interactive display ads. They help you create media programs and messages that are exclusive to your specific market and audience.

Affiliate Programs

These programs are a type of performance-based marketing where a business rewards an affiliate for their marketing efforts. If an online visitor clicks on the affiliate link and then makes a purchase on the advertiser’s website, the affiliate gets paid.

Commission Junction works with numerous Internet Retailer Top 500 advertisers and provides affiliates the chance to partner with widely renowned brands. CJ offers more robust advertising tools designed to drive growth, instead of the basic conversion tracking services most companies use.

ClickBank puts you in control by letting you promote products on your website that you’ve picked out for your audience. You recommend downloadable products you know your audience will enjoy, and then you earn a commission on each sale.

ShareASale has over 3,900 merchant affiliates you can work with. You choose where to place a merchant’s banner on your site, and you can also send them out in non-spam emails. They also provide monthly training webinars to help show you how to grow your earnings.

PeerFly was deemed the No. 1 Affiliate Manager by PMI in 2012. They have accelerated payment options, rewards programs, free training and tools, and over 2,000 live offers for a publisher’s benefit.

MaxBounty works with affiliates to give them revenue from cost per action advertising. They have worked with over 16,000 affiliates since 2004, and they are known for their on time weekly payments in different currencies and methods.

Amazon Associates allows you to take advantage of their many tool options, which include site stripe, product links, widgets, banners and aStore. With this service, you can earn advertising fees from Qualifying Purchases and not just from the products you advertise on your website.


Ecommerce stands for electronic commerce, and these services handle online commercial transactions that are conducted electronically.

Shopify is a service to design and create your own online store. Choose from one of their 100+ themes and customize its look to better fit your style. Along with some other features, this ecommerce site may appeal to you because it includes a blogging platform that lets you get completely involved with your consumer community and encourage engagement from them.

E-junkie offers two buttons — buy now and add to cart/checkout — to help you sell goods and downloads straight from your website. Their process involves three steps, but you’re only involved in the first, as the other two are automatic. They also have an affiliate system that’s free for affiliates, so merchants can’t require some kind of payment for their affiliate programs.

WooCommerce transforms your WordPress website into a beautiful ecommerce store and does so for free. This service prides itself in being vendor, customer and developer friendly.

WP e-Commerce also works with WordPress websites, as it’s a free WordPress shopping cart plugin that’s compatible with any standards compliant WP theme. Besides WordPress integration, this online service offers numerous other features, including support, multiple payment and shipping options, several marketing possibilities, search engine optimization, and more.

Weebly lets you create a site, store or blog that’s matches your personality by helping you easily make a shareable website through their drag and drop website builder and giving you modern and unique themes to choose from. Creating a site with Weebly will look great on computers, phones or tablets, and you never have to worry about installs or upgrades.


Mobile monetization services work by monetizing your mobile apps and sites. Most services promote your app by advertising them in other apps, and they also show relevant, engaging ads in your app to help you earn money from their activity.

Admob is a program by Google that’s specific to mobile apps. Admob drives installs of your app through app promotion and lets you decide what your add looks like, how its displayed and how much you want to pay. For monetization of apps, you install the Google Mobile Ads SDK into your app, choose your ads and their placement, wait for users to click on ads they like and then get paid for their clicks.

youAPPi brings mobile apps to consumers in a more personalized way. They do this through their smartAPP technology, which is a personalized and situation based mobile app consumption system that matches users to their most relevant apps and does so in real time.

MMedia monetizes your mobile apps through in-app advertising, third-party ads, house ads and client campaigns. Millennial Media can run your mobile advertising campaigns across tens of thousands of their sites and apps, and can do so with most major mobile devices.

Adfonic helps you make money from your mobile sites and apps through display advertising. You control the ad types you display and optimize your ad slot’s performance in real time through their reporting and analytics.

Admoda is an advertising network for affiliate and performance-based marketing companies that rely on their mobile traffic. Their advertisers consists mostly of the before mentioned companies who are always looking for CPC traffic that can be purchased in high volumes, which is why they have campaigns in over 200 countries and produce high profits for their publishers.

InMobi helps you monetize your mobile apps and maximize your revenue. Eighty of the top 100 AdAge brands advertise on their network, which helps them connect the top brands to your target audience and deliver the finest eCPMs.

Sponsored Blog Posts

A sponsored blog post is one that you are paid to place on your website by an advertiser. There are generally two types of sponsored blog posts: ones that advertise a product or service and ones that look to gain incoming links to their website to increase their SEO and PageRank.

PostJoint is the place where marketers and publishers connect by allowing them to negotiate deals on their own terms. As the publisher, you are able to increase the monetization of and target fresh content for your website, as well as start building relationships with new contacts that could be beneficial to you in the future.

SocialSpark is the premium blog marketing platform for IZEA that unites advertisers and blog publishers together to make sponsored online blog posts. Advertisers who work with this service pay you to write posts about their products and services on your website. They contact you online and then you choose whether you want to accept, decline or negotiate with them on their offer. is another service that works with and benefits advertisers and bloggers. As a blogger, you have the chance to partner with quality brands, increase your blog website revenue and reward your visitors. In order to partner with their advertisers, you must review and accept their offers.

SponsoredReviews motto says, “Bloggers earn cash, advertisers build buzz.” They help you earn money by connecting you with advertisers, marketers and SEO’s that are looking to build links and traffic. You write posts about their advertiser’s products and services, and you write those posts in your normal tone and geared toward your specific audience.

PayU2Blog has a network of qualified bloggers, and once you join their network you can start making money. This service promises a range of interesting assignments to write about and to pay you well and on time for completing those assignments. Another enticing feature about PU2B is they make sure their bloggers get a steady stream of weekly work, so they don’t feel like they’re competing for assignments.

Content Recommendation

Outbrain is an online content discovery platform that enriches your website content and engages your audience. You can grow your audience by finding the right audience on their network that consists of over 300 publishers, and you can add a different revenue stream by suggesting third-party content on other websites to your readers.

Zemanta is an online content service that recommends your website content to a network of web communities, which brings more readers to your website. They give you these new connections, as well as advertisers who really grasp the significance of quality content.

Taboola gets your articles, videos and slideshows to the users and publishers who will appreciate your content the most. They invite these people to click on and consume the content on your website. You can also monetize your website by recommending content that others might like using their personalized recommendations, which boosts your website traffic.

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