YouAppi User Acquisition

We Deliver the Right App to the Right Person to Achieve KPIs for Leading Brands

YouAppi’s proprietary machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities allow delivery of the right app to the right person at the right time, based on complex post install data.

YouAppi works with advertisers to provide transparency and control, while leveraging its technology to optimize a campaign’s life cycle and deliver true return on advertising spend (ROAS). YouAppi delivers proven results – including increases in purchasing as high as 170 percent and retention as high as 60 percent – across retail, utilities, productivity, games, lifestyle, travel, social and communication.

Running Re-engagement campaigns in tandem with your user acquisition campaigns lifts your overall in-app conversion rates by 2x. Our three step continuous engagement process activates, converts and retains your highest value users. The YouAppi difference incorporates both our proprietary technology with on going strategies provided by our experts dedicated to bring customers back and increase your overall return on ad spend.

YouAppi delivers highly targeted ads with the following capabilities:


We leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence to Deliver the Right App to the Right Person Based on Complex Post Install data.


YouAppi analyzes 66 data parameters for targeting. YouAppi has collected a database of more than 2B Unique Profiles, identified by their unique DNA.


YouAppi’s machine learning powered AI continues to optimize throughout a campaign’s lifecycle to guarantee true ROAS.


We empower advertisers by providing transparency and giving advertisers control of their campaigns.

Fraud Protection

YouAppi is always on patrol, scanning every click source, ensuring a positive ROI for every campaign. We protect organic users, and safeguard customer acquisition campaigns for the leading global brands.

We Deliver the Right App to the Right Person to Achieve KPIs for Leading Brands

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