Rewarded Video

Increase Engagement Through Rewards

YouAppi offers a lightweight Software Development Kit (SDK) integrated with the OneRun™ Platform, enabling rewarded videos and video interstitials for publishers and app marketers. The SDK, which makes it easier for publishers to offer rewarded videos and video interstitials, enables utilizing YouAppi's Post-Install Event-driven targeting with over 60 segmentation parameters.


YouAppi’s rewarded video encourages user engagement through interactions like tapping or sliding functions within the app.


By making rewarded video ads opt-in, the company is providing users with complete control over their user experience.

Sophisticated Caching

YouAppi’s SDK includes sophisticated caching which enables reducing latency, and ad sizes, as well as creative optimization and behavioral targeting based on the ad’s placement within the app, which create a better experience for the user and the publisher.

Lightweight SDK

Publishers benefit from a lightweight SDK which enables a fast and easy integration across multiple platforms.

Post-Install Events

To ensure marketers generate the right users at the optimal price, the SDK facilitates optimization of campaigns based on Post-Install Events – the actions that users take after they download and profitably use an app

Learn more about YouAppi’s lightweight SDK and reward your customers with engaging Rewarded Video Ads.