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Achieve global scale through the industries most diverse global demand across Shopping, Travel, Lifestyle, Utilities and Gaming apps.

YouAppi’s comprehensive 360° Growth Marketing Platform, rooted in its machine learning-based predictive and matching technology, is now delivered through YouAppi’s premiere SDK.

YouAppi offers the following benefits with its lightweight SDK:

Increase Revenue (or Global Scale)

YouAppi delivers higher revenues to our Publishers with our global scale, helping you maximize your earnings.

Diverse Global Demand

Expand beyond gaming with YouAppi! Access YouAppi’s diverse global demand across a variety of app categories including Shopping, Travel, Lifestyle and Utilities.

Industry Standard Ad Formats

YouAppi offers Rewarded Video, Interstitial Video and Banners with our Premium SDK to your app. Mix up your ad formats to create the optimum experience for your users, while optimizing your app revenue.

Easy Integration

YouAppi offers a quick and smooth integration with our lightweight SDK. Integrate YouAppi’s SDK so you can create and launch ad campaigns immediately. Scale globally with YouAppi!

Multiple Formats

YouAppi supports all major formats for mobile helping you monetize your ad campaigns quickly.

Self-Service Platform

YouAppi offers full control of your ad campaigns through our self-service platform. View real-time performance and results, optimize campaigns, enable and disable ad unit types, edit frequency capping and filter ads to increase revenue.

Acquire Quality Users

Leverage our proven algorithms, designed by the top global engineers, to acquire high quality users that will continue to come back to your app. Our SDK also integrates with premium mediation partners to ensure that ads are viewed by the right users.

24 x 7 Support

YouAppi’s global dedicated Account Management and Support team is available 24 x 7, 365 Days / Year to support our valued global clients.

YouAppi’s lightweight SDK delivers real results, which translates into revenue for you. Integrate our lightweight SDK to improve the monetization of your app.

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