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YouAppi is a Growth Marketing Platform for Mobile Brands, Converting Data into Profitable Users

YouAppi’s OneRun Platform is the Industry’s first Growth Marketing Platform for premium mobile brands. Premium Mobile Brands can reach over 1.5B mobile users with our OneRun Platform.

Our platform is a full-cycle user acquisition solution, optimizing the complete user journey from awareness to purchase to re-engagement. Our fully managed Growth Marketing Platform leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence to analyze over 66 data parameters across 4,200 apps and mobile sites in over 200 countries and territories, delivering valuable customers to premium brands.

Every Customer Journey Begins With Awareness

Inventory Partners

Join our collection of 30K Inventory Partners. Maximize eCPM and dynamically optimize inventory yield with our predictive algorithms. With our API, our inventory partners can seamlessly leverage OneRun's™ matching algorithms, access the most relevant app recommendation campaigns and gain access to premium mobile brands.

Premium Mobile Brands

We convert data to users. We know it, we have done it, and we can do it for you. OneRun™ analyzes 1.5B app customers' usage and spending habits across over 4,200 apps and mobile sites in 200 countries and territories, evaluating 66 real-time data parameters – including customer behavior and interests, demographic information, and location.