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YouAppi is a Growth Marketing Platform for Mobile Brands,
Converting Data into Profitable Users

YouAppi offers a fully managed 360 degree growth marketing platform for premium mobile brands, designed to dramatically increase acquisition and retention of high-value customers for the world’s hottest mobile brands.

This platform is brand-first, helping to create a cohesive mobile marketing strategy that delivers on marketers’ distinct KPIs across six pillars including machine learning, brand video, user acquisition, re-engagement, cost per action and rewarded video.

To date, the YouAppi platform has driven more than 35 million app downloads and counting. YouAppi delivers unprecedented insight into the mobile user experience, using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to analyze 66 unique data parameters across 4,200 apps and mobile sites, in use by 2 billion people in over 200 countries and territories.

Every Customer Journey Begins With Awareness

Targeted Media

  • OneRun understands that Brianna is starting to plan a vacation to the Caribbean based on her browsing behavior and what other people in her cohort are doing.
  • Jack is ready to download the new game by King based on his gaming behavior and what other people in his cohort are doing.
  • Based on time spent in many shopping apps, OneRun can deliver just the right advertisement to Alex based on her shopping patterns.
  • Joseph's daily search patterns are consistent and based on what people in his cohort are doing, OneRun can identify just what News apps would be best for him.
  • Margaret is a voracious reader, based on her usage patterns and the books her cohort are downloading, OneRun can deliver her a Kindle ad just on the right site.
  • We can serve up the right media to her based on her patterns.
  • YouAppi can intelligently offer him the next available app on relevant sites he is visiting.
  • We understand just what she is looking for based on previous patterns.
  • YouAppi can predict just the right app and location to present the ad.
  • Our matching algorithms can find just the right ad and place it on just the right site.

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Join our collection of 30K Inventory Publishers. Maximize eCPM and dynamically optimize inventory yield with our predictive algorithms. With our SDK, our inventory partners can seamlessly leverage OneRun's™ matching algorithms, access the most relevant app recommendation campaigns and gain access to advertisers.

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We convert data to users. We know it, we have done it, and we can do it for you. OneRun™ analyzes 2B app customers' usage and spending habits across over 4,200 apps and mobile sites in 200 countries and territories, evaluating 66 real-time data parameters – including customer behavior and interests, demographic information, and location.

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