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YouAppi is a Growth Marketing Platform for Mobile Brands, Converting Data into Profitable Users

YouAppi’s OneRun™ Platform is the Industry’s first Growth Marketing Platform for premium mobile brands. Our platform is a full-cycle user acquisition solution, optimizing the complete user journey from awareness to purchase. The fully managed Growth Marketing Platform combines the power of AI / Machine Learning with our proprietary predictive algorithms to analyze the mobile content consumption patterns of over 1.5B users, converting data into profitable users.

As our OneRun™ Platform is committed to the continuous growth of global mobile brands, it leverages YouAppi’s industry-leading fraud prevention technology to ensure a valid and positive ROI for every campaign. Safeguarding and Empowering world-class mobile brands to exceed every goal in the growth marketing funnel.

Our Media Management Team leverages the power of OneRun™ to understand your KPIs, set up your campaign, and ensure that you pay the right price for the right conversion.




Inventory Partners

Join our collection of 150K Inventory Partners. Maximize eCPM and dynamically optimize inventory yield with our predictive algorithms. With our API, our inventory partners can seamlessly leverage OneRun’s™ matching algorithms, access the most relevant app recommendation campaigns and gain access to premium mobile brands.

Premium Mobile Brands

We convert data to users. We know it, we have done it, and we can do it for you. OneRun™ analyzes 1.5B app customers’ usage and spending habits across over 3,500 apps and mobile sites in 200 countries, evaluating 51 real-time data parameters – including customer behavior and interests, demographic information, and location.

Discover Big Data Analysis for Mobile


OneRun Now with Video

YouAppi's OneRun now enables marketers and agencies to include video ads in user acquisition campaigns, which have proven to be particularly effective targeting user cohorts including Games, Lifestyles, and Entertainment.

Through YouAppi's Actionable Cohort Analysis, clients benefit from automated technology which offers category and sub-category level insights regarding the types of applications and activities that a user is using based on their interests and usage patterns. The combination of video user acquisition campaigns more effectively targeting users via YouAppi's Actionable Cohort Analysis technology result in more cost-effective user acquisition campaigns.

Proven Results for Mobile Advertisers

We Convert Data Into Mobile Customer Acquisition Strategy

We reach 1.5B users across diversified mobile channels

Our predictive algorithms identify and target exact users

We utilize Device IDs to match apps to users based on 51 targeting parameters

We leverage machine learning to exceed KPIs