Maximize User Value with YouAppi's Re-Engagement Solution

It’s Time to Re-Engage

Marketers spend valuable time and money on user acquisition only to experience steep drops in retention after the install.

It’s time to achieve real user acquisition, not just installs. Maximize value and ROAS with YouAppi’s Re-engagement solution.

Transform Installs into Active Users
with YouAppi’s Re-Engagement Solution

With its powerful OneRun™ platform, YouAppi has over four years of experience running mobile app install campaigns for world leading brands. YouAppi’s database holds exclusive data derived from over 15,000 successful campaigns and 1.5 billion profiles from around the globe.

Discover OneRun™

Enhance the User Ad Experience

The OneRun™ platform invests higher resources to strategically present re-engagement messaging to high valued users.

OneRun’s proprietary optimization engine tracks campaign performance and utilizes machine learning to drive scale.

YouAppi’s Re-Engagement Solution takes users to the app content they want, providing a seamless ad to app experience with Deep Linking.

Maximize User Value with YouAppi.

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