Mobile Marketer: YouAppi CMO Named to Mobile Women to Watch 2017

November 29, 2016
Mobile Women to Watch 2017Mobile Women to Watch 2017

The eighth annual Mobile Women to Watch list has one defining characteristic: extremely smart executives who are thriving in an era of rapid technological change. These 25 women are raring to go prove themselves even more in a world highly influenced by mobile advertising, marketing and media.
From executives working at brands to retailers, agencies, technology platforms and publishers, they all understand that mobile and the change it has wrought is all about anticipating and meeting consumer needs.
These 25 women highlighted by Mobile Marketer readers and newsroom members are just the candidates to handle 2017’s mobile-driven opportunities and challenges.
We salute these executives and wish them all success in 2017. Do read their profiles and reach out to them. You never know how they can change your company’s destiny as well.
Mickey Alam Khan
Editor in Chief
Mobile Marketer and Mobile Commerce Daily

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