MMA Releases Native Advertising Guidelines

May 01, 2015



This week, the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) announced new guidelines for mobile native ad formats that were developed by the MMA Mobile Native Advertising Committee.



These recommended mobile native ad formats are intended to help both buyers and sellers plan, transact, execute and evaluate mobile native ad campaigns. By identifying a limited but robust set of ad formats, the mobile advertising marketplace can more efficiently adopt and include mobile native ads into the repertoire of effective mobile marketing tactics.

The Committee reviewed and categorized each type of native ad on mobile to address the unique attributes of mobile and to provide increased opportunity for marketers. More specifically, because of mobile’s distinctive device capabilities, the MMA mobile native ad formats are designed squarely for the mobile marketing channel and include the following:

In-feed social


In-feed Content


In-feed Commerce






Paid Search


Recommendation Widgets




MMA committee member companies will provide quarterly reports to the MMA on the adoption of these formats to track, measure and provide further guidance.

“In the wake of the MMA’s recently released Cross Marketing Effectiveness Research (SMoX), which uncovered that mobile native performed significantly better than mobile display, it’s very clear that native advertising will continue to evolve as one of the more effective mobile strategies for marketers,” said Sheryl Daija, chief strategy officer at the MMA. “By adopting a set of ad formats, the mobile advertising marketplace can more efficiently implement mobile native ads, enabling marketers and their agencies to take full advantage of this powerful opportunity to enrich and improve their mobile campaigns.”

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