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YouAppi Social now allows marketers and app developers to engage with customers on world leading applications. Youappi can acquire users for any client on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google Adwords which are the most popular media platforms.

YouAppi offers performance marketing on one end such as: User Acquisition, website traffic, leads and brand awareness and on the other end social engagement such as: page like, video views and awareness campaigns. Like any social media strategy, using social media for business requires thoughtful planning. With these most trusted media sources, YouAppi can provide to its demand partners mass quantity and the highest quality traffic in the world.

Why YouAppi?

YouAppi is a fully managed 360° Growth Marketing Platform, which has grown to be one of the mobile AdTech industry market leaders in the past 7 years. As such, YouAppi gained unique knowledge and has developed its own data driven platform that contains a massive quantity of audience data, which could be used to feed all social media platforms targeting options as a custom audience, and to generate a lookalike audience enabling YouAppi to acquire the most valuable users at the lowest price possible.

YouAppi Studios

YouAppi has a well-trained and experienced team of designers, specializing in designing for mobile games, social ads, and video. By combining the creative innovation of the ads and the creative team’s experience, we can provide our clients better results and high level campaign viewability.

Experienced Media Team
We can execute… We can deliver!

Every acquisition channel has it’s place in the UA funnel, producing users at various CPIs and driving variable RPIs in turn. The key to making any campaign work is strong account management and media buyers across a broad swathe of social networks, thus providing YouAppi with the ability to intelligently optimize campaigns according to pre-defined xpost-install KPIs. YouAppi has a very strong media team who has been in media buying arena for years, spending millions of US dollars and buying traffic for a large variety of demand partners.

Time and Energy Savings

It’s true that clients can open ad accounts and start performing ads by themselves. Though these three platforms have developed into mature platforms, they could still be jungle for starters. It requires a lot of tricks and experience to run a successful campaign. In case that a client already has a team of in-house buyers, there would be no harm in a two-team battle, YouAppi and your in-house team. No matter who wins, the client is the final winner, because it will either prove your in-house team is the best, or find a new channel to save money.

Comfortable Payment Terms

YouAppi can set better payment terms for its clients than working directly with the social networks.

Global Coverage

YouAppi provides you with the ability to access a variety of social media platforms and provides full social media coverage for your campaigns.

Amplify your social marketing campaigns with YouAppi.

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