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YouAppi’s mobile growth platform delivers valuable users for world-class brands who allocate higher spend for quality users. With our vast portfolio of global brands, we guarantee maximum fill with high payouts for our Inventory Partners. This combined with YouAppi’s proprietary technology empower publishers to monetize intelligently and successfully.

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Seamless Integration

Whether it’s API or SDK, YouAppi’s flexibility makes integration effortless with minimal developer legwork.

Ad Format Agnostic

Choose the ad format that fits your app best. Optimizing your user experience, YouAppi offers all major ad formats from native to video.

Customized Demand

Our machine learning and proprietary matching capabilities will deliver globally recognized brands curated just for your users.

Dedicated Team

Your experienced account manager along with a team of tech ops, media and growth managers work together to maximize fill.

Innovative Technology

YouAppi’s OneRun Platform combines machine learning and proprietary predictive algorithms to ensure the best brands for your users.

Monetize Intelligently and Successfully