Agility: How to keep your mobile holiday campaigns on target

October 24, 2017

The 2017 holiday season is upon us and, for brands, it’s the most mobile time of the year!

But while 95 percent of businesses see the holiday season as an important opportunity, new research reveals an interesting chasm between mobile marketing activities and consumer preferences, including when consumers find holiday promotionsmost effective and their desired payment choice in the mobile environment.

Mobile growth marketing platform YouAppi, announced the results of a comprehensive new survey that evaluated U.S. consumers on their personal holiday shopping habits and preferred mobile holiday experience. The survey also questioned global digital marketers, advertisers and app developers on their 2017 mobile holiday preparation and campaign plans.

Are marketers missing the mark with mobile holiday campaigns?

Holiday marketing starts too early

The holidays are a major source of annual revenue and, according to business respondents, mobile tops the list for engaging with consumers—but it appears that businesses are getting started on their holiday outreach earlier than consumers want. Over half of consumers say they are only interested in holiday themes and offers after Thanksgiving, yet 68 percent of businesses start well before that timeline—some as early as August and September.

Are marketers missing the mark with mobile holiday campaigns?

Video paints the holiday picture

Marketers and advertisers also approach mobile purchasing differently than their customers, with 60 percent of businesses preferring in-app purchases for the holidays, while only five percent of consumers do. And while 54 percent of consumers say they will watch rewarded video for added holiday perks, only 20 percent of marketers are choosing to include it in their holiday campaigns.

Are marketers missing the mark with mobile holiday campaigns?

“Without question, the holidays present phenomenal opportunities for mobile brands,” said Jennifer Shambroom, chief marketing officer at YouAppi, in a news release. “Yet without careful planning and targeted goals, companies can easily miss out on their best ROI of the year. Rewarded video is just one example of how mobile brands can better engage their customers this holiday season, and we’ve compiled additional top tips and tricks to help global brands make the most of their holiday mobile experience. Consumer preference is driving mobile engagement, and its critical brands react with the holiday experiences users want most.”

Are marketers missing the mark with mobile holiday campaigns?

Download the report here.

The survey was conducted by Dimensional Research and includes responses from 217 mobile app owners and digital marketers from around the world, as well as 533 individuals in the United States who use their mobile device for shopping.

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