Adotas | Mobile First? Building A Marketing Strategy

May 01, 2015


Adotas – Mobile First? Building Your Mobile Marketing Strategy

Since the rise of the WAP mobile standard in the 1990s, every year, some mobile analyst has declared that this year would finally be THEyear for mobile. But each year, though we got closer, mobile failed to deliver an experience that drove end users en masse to their mobile devices first. Now in 2015, following nearly 20 years of advancements in mobile hardware and software, we enjoy a rich, comprehensive and satisfying experience on mobile devices.

This fact was proven by mobile data from IBM in Q4 2014 that showed mobile drove more than half of all e-commerce shopping traffic. That’s why, if you’re marketing a consumer-focused business in 2015, you need to think of a mobile marketing strategy. Here are some critical pointers to consider in order to ensure that you have the most effective mobile marketing strategy:

1. Find your best audience: With over a million Android and iOS apps in the respective app stores, and hundreds added daily, finding the right users for your business can be like finding a needle in a haystack. But today, mobile marketers have access to the technology which enables them to find the right users based on devices used, usage patterns, interest as well as geographic and psychographic parameters. The algorithms used by mobile marketers enable analyzing millions of relevant usage data points in order to uncover the specific patterns for finding your best, most profitable users.

So what does your ‘best audience’ look like? If your business is selling jewelry, your ‘best audience’ might include users who have placed jewelry in their mobile shopping cart over the last two months and read at least five articles about fashion in the last month. And if your business is selling travel-related services, then your ‘best audience’ should include users who have booked a hotel room or airline ticket via their phone in the last 90 days and use their phone for other travel-related functionality, like booking a car service or restaurant during the last two weeks.

Though mobile user acquisition is most definitely a numbers game, one mistake many new mobile marketers make is settling for inexpensive users. Like with all things in life, you get what you pay for. Therefore, it’s important to test all sources of users, instead of settling for less expensive traffic. Even paying a penny per install for users who will never convert is still money wasted.

And pay attention to your traffic! A source that delivered your best, most profitable users three months ago might no longer be delivering the best users this month. That’s why it’s necessary to continuously test and optimize your user acquisition campaigns against current revenue metrics.

2. Share your data (with your tech vendors): As noted above, continuous optimization is necessary for successful and cost-effective mobile customer acquisition campaigns. And to ensure that your efforts are truly being optimized it’s important to share all relevant data with your tech vendor partners. Only with access to all of your campaign and client usage data will your tech vendors be able to correlate revenue generated per customer across all campaigns to determine which campaigns / devices / sources delivered the users with the greatest lifetime value.

For example, a campaign from six months ago might have delivered customers who ordered online within a week of downloading your app but with no additional purchases, while another campaign from three months ago might have delivered customers with small initial purchases which then grew each subsequent month. Therefore, it’s necessary to look at user performance across time in order to determine which efforts generate the users with the greatest lifetime value.

3. Be patient: We sometimes forget that app-centric mobile marketing as we know it has been around less than a decade – since the roll out of the iPhone in 2007. And it took a number of years for iPhones and then tablets to become mainstream devices.

Though mobile devices have had a number of ‘mobile firsts’ in the last six months, it will still take time before mainstream users become accustomed to using their mobile phones for tasks like banking or managing their home appliances. Therefore, we need to provide mainstream users with comprehensive support and understand that it will take a few more years before they change their offline and web-based behaviors and become totally proficient in mastering their mobile first world.

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YouAppi:移动视频营销增长迅猛但挑战依旧严峻 网易科技讯 根据移动营销平台YouAppi的调查显示虽然数字视频1.0时代的特征是将电视视频内容转到PC端,但移动视频营销的成功绝不仅仅是将网页或电视视频内容转到移动端就可以完成。 YouAppi委托调研公司Dimensional Research在2017年5月和6月的调查发现在对全球218家移动营销人员和广告代理人员的一份调查中有94%的受访者表示移动视频的最佳体验与PC端视频的最佳体验有所不同。 正是移动视频和传统视频之间的不同使得移动营销人员及其代理机构在使用移动视频作为营收手段时面临严峻挑战。 在这份调查中有96的受访者表示他们正面临来自移动视频营销的挑战其中 44 的受访者认为最大的挑战是“如何展现引人入胜的创意视频”。简言之移动营销人员明白调整并使用其他平台的视频直接至移动端效果并不好。 有35 的受访者认为第二个主要的挑战是“如何寻找移动视频的有效传播渠道”。这一挑战在另一个问题上也有所体现– 42 的受访者表示他们在 6 个或更多渠道使用移动视频广告而 17 的受访者表示他们在 20 个以上的渠道投放移动视频广告。 受访者提到的第三个主要挑战是用于衡量视频广告效果的指标 (KPI) 过多。对于常见的15项视频广告衡量指标如每次安装转化CPI点击率CTR视频完成率VCR和每次完观看视频费用CPCV)等 有一半的受访者表示从未使用过。 “这项研究表明移动营销人员正在使用大量不同的指标及标准来衡量移动视频的广告表现效果。但真实的情况是50%以上的广告主并不会同意使用这些指标进行广告表现追踪这清楚地表明移动视频广告行业在标准化方面的确面临挑战“ Dimensional Research 创始人Diane Hagglund 表示。 此外55 的受访者表示他们正在使用 3 个或更多的衡量指标而仍然有 46的受访者认为这些衡量移动视频表现的指标并不能真实反应移动视频的广告表现。 但无论面临怎样的挑战营销人员还是认为移动视频含有巨大机会。在从事移动营销和移动用户获取的相关受访者中94的从业者表示在过去几年里移动视频广告在快速增长93的受访者则表示移动视频广告的重要性将在未来几年中保持持续增长势头。 对于移动视频广告所投放的渠道问题75 的受访者认为 Facebook 最为重要其次是其他应用程序中的广告69YouTube66自己的应用程序20和 Snapchat18。 关于移动视频长度70的受访者认为移动视频广告的理想长度为15秒或更短。 YouAppi 首席执行官兼联合创始人 Moshe Vaknin 表示“作为一家由数据驱动的移动营销解决方案公司我们从这次调查中提到的创意渠道和衡量指标等挑战中看到了机遇。 我们期待与合作伙伴一起推出更多视频解决方案助力客户克服这些挑战和困难并利用移动视频来发展自身业务同时增强用户体验。”(白鑫)  

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