3 Reasons You Need To Attend dmexco 2014

By Jennifer Shambroom, September 04, 2014

It seems that with every new month comes new expositions and trade shows. From small to large, in almost any digital marketing niche, these events take place all over the world. But, with so many events and so little time, how can you separate the “can’t miss” from the “can miss”?


dmexco 2013 via dmexco

We’re here to help. Next week on September 10th and 11th, dmexco 2014 will take place in Cologne, Germany, as it has since 2009. In those 5 years, The Digital Marketing Exposition and Conference (dmexco) has grown exponentially: from just over 14,000 visitors in 2009 to a projected 30,000 plus in 2014. It’s the quality of the visitors to the dmexco conference that truly sets it apart, with over 90% of attendees having impact on the purchase of media services.

And that’s just the visitors! Below, we’ve decided on the 3 main reasons you can’t miss dmexco 2014:

1. Over 800 exhibitors.


dmexco 2013 Expo Hall via dmexco

In the over 600,000 square feet of space that creates dmexco, you’ll find over 800 exhibitors from over 26 countries. Plan ahead using their handy exhibitor search tool.

2. Incredible speakers.


dmexco Congress Hall 2013 via dmexco

The lineup of speakers at this year’s conference could alone be enough to persuade you attend. Top firms are all represented, from Buzzfeed to Adage to IBM.

3. It’s free.

Need we say more? Register now and it’s free to attend.

We really hope you’ve decided to attend this incredible expo! Stay in-the-know by following @dmexco and #dmexco on Twitter.

If you do make it to dmexco 2014, we would love to meet with you. Drop us a line at julie@youappi.com and we look forward to chatting with you, hopefully over an espresso. Also, be sure to follow our very own Chantelle White on Twitter, who will be one of youAPPi’s representatives at dmexco 2014.

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